Döşeme/Tavan tipi fan coiller

Döşeme/Tavan tipi fan coiller - Systemair

Our floor/ceiling fan coil units are issued from that development striving to meet customers’ wishes and advices.

In addition to very low sound levels and excellent performances, the design of the grille, associated with a refined cabinet allows an harmonious and smart integration of the units in every kind of interiors.

They are the ideal solution to air-condition agreeably and efficiently, hotels, hospitals, offices and other premises, all year long.

Döşeme/Tavan tipi fan coiller

SYSCOIL CF - Systemair


SYSCOIL COMFORT fan coil units range is composed of 8 sizes with air flow range from 90 to 1550 m3/h.

Nominal cooling capacities from 0.50 to 9.6 kW and heating capacities from 0.6 to 13.6 kW.