Duman egzoz Santrifüj fanlar

Duman egzoz Santrifüj fanlar - Systemair

For daily ventilation requirements and smoke extraction in case of fire. Compact housing design, ideal for low ceiling heights, integrated deflector (adjustable discharge direction) and aerodynamic radial impeller for maximum thrust and reduced noise level. Tested according to EN 12101-3CE certification by BSI.


Temperature classes:

F300 - 300 °C/120 min

F400 - 400 °C/120 min

F600 - 600 °C/120 min

Duman egzoz Santrifüj fanlar

BKF - Systemair


BKF radial fans are suitable for extraction of hot smoke gases (F400, 2h) as well

as for daily ventilation up to 120°C media.


The casing is manufactured from ZM (Zinc-Magnesium) coated steel.


IEC flange motors outside air stream with efficiency class IE2, where applicable.

Impeller geometry

Radial impeller with backward curved blades manufactured from steel.

Output control

Speed controllable via frequency converter.

Motor protection

Integrated PTC thermistors

KBR/F - Systemair


EC motorlu duman egzoz fanı. Geriye eğik kanatlı ve motoru hava akımı dışında.

1620 - 3888 m³/h

KVB/F - Systemair


The KVB/F range consists of ventilation and extraction Box fans suitable to work with air at 400ºC/120mm accordingto EN-12101-3

The range cover airflows from 1,000 to 50,000 m3/h, for indoor and outdoor installation. When indoor installation,

the unit must be out of the fire risk zone.

Casing with galvanized steel frames and Aluzinc 185 pannels. 

Belt driven fan wich allows to supply the requested working point without need of speed control. 

Impeller with forward curved blades manufactured from galvanised steel.

Motor B3 type, IP55 insulation class F, 50/60 Hz.


Industrial kitchen extract, malls, cinemas, theaters, garages (air supply or/and extraction).

MUB/F - Systemair


Duman egzoz fanı, MultiBox. Geriye eğik kanatlı ve motoru hava akımı dışında.

2772 - 13752 m³/h

WVI - Systemair


İzolasyonlu Duman egzoz fanı, duvara montaj. 3 faz

2196 - 39960 m³/h